This guide is for mixing Dark Burner Concentrates, however the same theory can be used when using other concentrates. Due to the laws and the way e-liquid is sold in Australia, most Australian vapers would have mixed e-liquid using doublers or concentrates at some stage so this process is not foreign to them. For those that haven’t, its a very straight forward process that requires the right tools and a little bit of patience.

Dark Burner Concentrates conveniently come with a label stating the recommended percentage and steeping time. Unfortunately that is written in German but is straight forward enough. We have listed these ratios in the product descriptions and will compile a spreadsheet in the near future.

Dark Burner Rear Label Vapersphere


Guide to rear label:

1. Volume in ML (Volumeninhalt in ml) – 10ml

2. Recommended Dosage in Pecentage (Empf. Dosierung in Prozent) – 8%

3. Recommended Steeping Time (Empf. Feifezeit in Tagen) – 2 days

4. Best before date – 09/2016

And at the bottom there is 3 face symbols that indicate if the juice is plastic tank friendly.

Please note: The recommendations for each flavour will differ.  




Things you will need

  • Clean Bottles
  • PG and/or VG
  • Unflavoured Nicotine (depending on your local laws)
  • Syringes (1ml, 5ml and 10ml are ideal)
  • Blunt Needle (optional but useful)
  • Dark Burner Concentrates

We stock a decent range of DIY supplies if you haven’t got a stash already.

Mixing E-Liquid is made easier by specialized software and is available for most platforms including Android and IOS. For this guide we will use eJuice Me Up which is available for Windows here.

Basically all you have to do is decide on your final PG:VG blend and enter the ingredient details into the calculator. If you are unsure on a final ratio, a 50:50 blend is a good place to start. In general, higher VG = a smoother vape with more vapour production, higher PG = more throat hit, more flavour but less vapour production. VG is thicker than PG so think about the atomizer you wish to use and its ability to wick. Most newer RDA, sub-ohm clearomizers and RTA’s have been designed for use with thick, VG heavy liquids so you shouldnt have much issues with those but if your going to use older style atomizers, you may face wicking issues with liquids over 50% VG.

Whether you decide to utilise the whole 10ml bottle of Dark Burner Concentrate at once is up to you, but I would suggest a smaller mix to start which allows you to test and adjust percentages if needed for your future mixes. There is nothing worse than mixing up 100ml + to find it is too weak, too strong, etc.



Ejuice Me Up Steps:

All the action happens on the left side with the final calculation results shown on the right. If you are unsure of any of these steps, please seek some advice before proceeding.

1. Nicotine Strength – If your lucky enough to live in an area where the use and possession of nicotine is legal, this section is for you. It is crucial you get this part right as concentrated Nicotine can be dangerous. You will need to enter the PG:VG ratio and the strength of your Nicotine base here. If your mixing zero Nicotine e-liquid, just skip this part and see the next step.

2. Target Nicotine Strength – this is your desired Nicotine strength of your final mix. If you require zero nicotine strength, enter 0 here.

3. Amount to Make – the size of the bottle or container you are mixing into.

4. Water/Vodka/PGA – Amount of distilled water or vodka to add to thin out the mix. Never bothered with this but some use it to thin high VG e-liquids to aid wicking.

5. Flavours – 1 flavour per line. Unless your getting creative with Dark Burner’s range or DIY’ing from scratch, you will only need to add one flavour here. For Dark Burner Concentrates, I tend to tick the Zero PG/VG box as I am unsure of the makeup of the concentrate. There is a good chance it would contain PG and/or alcohol based flavourings. Ticking the box, disables the PG:VG ratios and eliminates it when calculating the final mix.

6. Target Ratio: This is where you enter your desired PG:VG ratio of the final mix.

7. Go back and double check everything.

8. Once happy, click on the Calculate button which will display your recipe on the right hand side of the app.

9. Mixing Time: Its up to you how you go about mixing but I tend to use a 1ml Syringe for concentrates and a combination of 3ml and 10ml for measuring the other ingredients in an effort to maintain accuracy. Its advised to wash and sterilize your measuring equipment and bottles before and after use to minimise contamination.

10. Steeping: With e-liquid, this is the time needed for the flavours and ingredients to combine properly and/or take on the desired characteristics of the flavour profile. There is no hard and fast rule on this, but its advised to observe the recommended steeping time from Dark Burner and to make sure everything has mixed together consistantly. Every flavour benefits from different steeping times. In general, fruit and menthol flavours require less time than desert and tobacco flavours. Also the PG:VG ratio of your mix will also play a factor as higher VG juices generally take longer to combine with the other ingredients. There is also several ways to go about it such as shaking the bottle regularly, leaving the cap off, hot water baths, ultrasonic cleaners, mechanical stirring machines, etc.