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Hi Guys,

Welcome to the new Vapersphere website.

I decided to make the switch from Shopify to a new eCommerce platform which is more flexible and feature rich. I see it much like a switch from IOS to Android – more work out of the box but the end product will be something I’m much happier with and will expand as needed without costing a fortune. In the process, I have setup a new look theme for the website. I am not a website developer so I expect it to need some more work over the coming weeks.  All the essentials have been tested and work as intended. As a bonus, the whole website is now secured using an SSL certificate so I can ensure your personal details while here are safe.

For privacy and to make the switch more successful, I decided against importing customer accounts and past orders from shopify. Past customer details will be deleted when I finally pull the plug on our Shopify account however I will keep a record of all the past orders if any issues arise and for accounting purposes. Our newsletter mailing list will remain if you opted in via the old website. I dont send many newsletters but if you no longer want to receive marketing and updates, please remove yourself following the directions on the next newsletter you receive.

If your a new or returning customer, please signup for an account. Accounts now intergrate better across the website so feel free to comment on any of our blog articles.

If you find any issues with the new website, please comment below or send an email via the contact page.


Ben – Vapersphere

2 thoughts on “New Vapersphere Website

  1. Mick Oscari says:

    What’s going on Luke you not selling propylene glycol anymore . I want to buy a litre of it but can’t do it . Can you please let me know what’s going on. Cheers mick

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