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A Taste Odyssey

Starting out in antiquity in the doom ridden dungeons of a Grecian warlord the secret recipe’s handed down from generation to generation that formulate this amazing array of elixirs…….

Ok ok. That was a bit far fetched I agree. So about us hey? Well i’m just an average guy living in an average house surrounded by an awesome family, living large in the North of Adelaide, South Australia. One day I had an idea. That idea became Sin. And Sin was good. No, better than good, Sin was amazing!

After enjoying Sin on my own (no wisecracks you lot), I decided that everyone should have the right to enjoy my Sin. My Sin has made many people happy. This encouraged me to further develop my emerging empire. From this was born Virtue and Bliss. Whilst it is good to know people are loving my Sin I felt the need to create the opposing cornerstone. Virtue was born. Then all giddy with delight at creating such products I knew that a balance must be sought. Something that can cross the bridge between Sin and Virtue. Hello Bliss.

Now I do not know if Bliss is the correct word to use to bridge Sin and Virtue. But it was a nice little story.

BFC Elixirs started out under a different name. A name to inspire laughter from the bellies of Australians. Some would have given their left nut for it to remain. What hasnt changed is the passion and pursuit of glory of world domination. Please enjoy each and every bottle of BFC Elixirs you get. It wont be your last. At least we hope.

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