Spare part for rebuildable atomizers

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Eden Mods Rose3 Maxi Kit The Eden Mods Rose3 Maxi Kit is a replacement chimney and PC1000 clear tank to increase the juice capacity of the Rose3 TPD Edition RTA. Contains: 1 x Chimney 1 x PC1000 Clear Tank

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Rose Spare Ceramic Cup by Eden Mods (UK) As the title suggests, this is a spare ceramic cup for the Rose Atomizer. Ceramic is fragile, dont risk being caught without a spare. Buy 2 and get a free plastic container as packaged in the Rose V2.

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Kayfun Lite/Lite+/3.1 M-Tank by SvoëMesto (Germany) Authentic Polycarbonate half tank for your Kayfun 3.1/Lite/Lite Plus. This is the standard clear tank that comes with all Kayfun. Available in the following colours: Blue Red Orange Yellow Please do not use this tank section with known tank cracker e-liquids.