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Rebuildable Atomizers Supplies at Vapersphere – Cotton, Silica, SS Mesh, Kanthal, Nickel, etc


GeekVape Clapton Wire 10ft Spools GeekVape Stainless Steel Clapton Wire is perfect for those looking to build some serious coils without the need to put together these complex combinations of wires using drills and jigs. Easier to let a machine make them and throw them on a convenient spool. Made from SS316L allows this wire […]

Rebuildable Supplies

UD Titanium A1 Wire 10m


UD Titanium A1 Wire 10m A 10m (30f) spool of Titanium A1 wire, perfect for temperature control builds. Available in: 26AWG (0.4mm)


Wismec NotchCoil 0.25ohm (5-pack) The Wismec NotchCoil was introduced with the Wismec Theorem RTA and introduces an innovative new concept to coils and wicking. The general rule of thumb is more surface area equals more vapour and flavour production. They have taken a thin Stainless Steel tube and have cut notches in it to aid vapour […]

Rebuildable Supplies

Japanese Organic Cotton


Japanese Organic Cotton by GeekVape 5 pieces of Koh Gen Do Japanese Organic Cotton conveniently packed in a resealable bag. One of the best options for wicking your favourite RBA or RTA Sourced from the finest Japanese cotton plantations and is guaranteed to be 100% pesticide, bleach and chemical free. Cotton Squares are roughly 80 […]


GeekVape SS316L Stainless Steel Wire – 10m Stainless Steel wire has become popular for traditional and temperature control builds for those looking for an alternative to Kanthal, Nickel or Titanium. GeekVape have supplied 10m of wire in a very convenient wire dispensing spool which is probably worth the money on its own. Available in 10m […]

Rebuildable Supplies

UD Ni200 Pure Nickel Wire – 10m


UD Builders Choice Ni200 Pure Nickel Wire – 10m (30ft) Spools Pure Nickel (Ni200) Wire for rebuildable atomizers used on temperature control mods only. If you require wire for use on mechanical or variable voltage/wattage mods please check out our range of Kanthal wire. Comes in retail packaging and conveniently wrapped on good sized spools. […]


Rebuildable Supplies

Rayon CelluCotton Wick


Rayon CelluCotton Wick Rayon is natural cellulose based man made fiber with similar properties to natural cotton. Many say it has increased wicking capabilities and cleaner flavour. Initial testing here has been positive and will see it being used in certain rebuildable atomizers. Comes packaged in 1 or 2 metre lengths. We now also UV sterilize […]


Twisted Kanthal A1 Round Resistance Wire Various sizes of Twisted Kanthal A1 round wire for your rebuildable needs. All come conveniently wound on plastic spools. Twisted wire consists of 2 lengths of Kanthal mechanical twisted together which lowers the resistance. If used in the right build, it will improve vaporization surface area which in turn […]

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Silica Wick and Wire Combo Pack combines 1 metre of high quality flatwire (0.8mm) and 1 metre of 2mm US silica wick.


Rebuildable Supplies

Kanthal A1 Ribbon Resistance Wire


Various sizes of Kanthal A1 ribbon wire for your rebuildable needs. All come conveniently wound on plastic spools or select sizes in 1m lengths. Ribbon Kanthal was once the go to wire for RDA’s using silica wick as it provided much more surface area than similar wraps of round kanthal. These days, ribbon is not as widely […]

Rebuildable Supplies

Kanthal A1 Round Resistance Wire


Various sizes of Kanthal A1 round wire for your rebuildable needs. All come conveniently wound on plastic spools. The following sizes are available in 30m lengths: 32 Gauge (32AWG – 0.20mm) The following sizes are available in 10m lengths: 22 Gauge (22AWG – 0.64mm) 24 Gauge (24AWG – 0.50mm) 26 Gauge (26AWG – 0.40mm) 27 […]

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Highly regarded braided silica cord direct from Russia. It has excellent wicking capabilities and is highly resistive to temperature and fire. It is quickly becoming the go to wick of vapers over the world due to its increased wicking abilities and flavour production. Due to its braided construction, it is more oval shaped compared to […]