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Coil Building Tools

GeekVape Ceramic Tweezers


GeekVape Ceramic Tweezers A multi-functional pair of ceramic tweezers designed especially for the vaper. Non conductive ceramic tips aid in coil building allowing you to squeeze and adjust coils while firing. 7mm and 24mm grip rings on the other end are perfect for when you need to seperate a a stuck tank section or drip […]

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Coil Building Tools

UD Ceramic Tweezers


UD Ceramic Tweezers Ceramic Tweezers have become an essential tool for building coils due to non conductive nature of the ceramic tips meaning you can squeeze and adjust coils while firing without the worry of a short. Made from Stainless Steel and Zirconia Ceramic. Body Length: 130mm Tip Length: 27mm    

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Plato Flush Cutters are the perfect tool for trimming wire after a rebuild and allows you to flush cut wires from atomizer posts and other tight and/or hard to reach places. Probably the handiest tool for any vaper that uses rebuildable atomizers.

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